About Psychics and or Astrology

This is kind of a stupid domain for me to own.  I believe in psychics and/or astrology about as much as I believe in time travel.  It’s all smoke and mirrors.  Bullshit served up by con artists and eaten up by gullible people that are desperate to believe that there is some other forces that can predict the future based on random occurrences of the past.

If you’re life is so fucked up that you need a card reader or someone to analyze the stars for you – you’re never ever going to truly be happy.  Seriously.  Your decisions in life need to be your own.  Don’t allow some fraud with a ‘crystal ball’ to con you into choosing a path for you!

Even horoscopes are a joke.  Reality is not controlled by arbitrary planetary alignment on the day of your birth!  What kind of nonsense is that stuff!  Let me get this right, since I was born in early April, I am an ‘Aries’.  “The stars and planets were aligned in such a way that I am automatically a person that is enterprising, incisive, spontaneous, daring, active, courageous and energetic.  Please.  That could describe anyone that wanted to be described that way.”

Once again – if you believe in this, you’re believing in falsities that could harm you.  Example:  you get up and your horoscope says ‘it’s your day to win big’.  So, you know that Powerball is at some ridiculously high amount and you use your credit card to go drop $10k on a ‘sure thing’.  After all, ‘it’s your day to win big’.  And guess what happens…. Nothing.  The planets did not do a special alignment to produce luck for you.  You could have had the same ‘luck’ had you bought one ticket.  In fact, if ‘it’s your day to win big’, you should found the winning ticket on the sidewalk that morning BEFORE you read your horoscope.

I’m trying to bring a little reality to your world – don’t be a sucker.  Horoscopes are bullshit.  Psychics are liars.  Astrology is not real. And Democrat politicians are lying to people everyday.  Don’t put your faith in any of these mechanisms for fantasy outcomes.