Reno Carpet Cleaning company

Reno Carpet Cleaning Hero

I like small businesses. And I especially like small businesses that are run by people of super high integrity. That’s exactly what I found with Reno Carpet Cleaning company, Code 3 Carpet Cleaners.

James owns the company and at the moment, it’s a one man show. He has then highest quality equipment that you can get for the carpet cleaning industry and he truly knows how to use it!

When I first met him, he questioned me extensively over the phone about why I needed a carpet cleaner. He then told me he was planning on starting a $77 special on the web and offered it to me. I told him that I had easily twice the square footage of what he was offering to cover with his special. He said ‘if that’s the cases, we’ll just add on the extra at $39 a room’. It was one hell of a deal.

When he arrived, I got to meet a really nice guy that really likes to do top notch work. He knew that I had a dog and went searching the floors with a UV light to find out if my dog had any ‘accidents’. None. Thank goodness. So, I left him to do his work.

He did a magnificent job and walked me back through to show me some wear issues (where I had used an office chair without a floor protector). He also showed me the amount of dog hair that he’d extracted. And told me that I should start to vacuum three times per week to keep up with my dog’s hair loss.

Overall, I say that he was the nicest and most knowledgeable carpet cleaner that I’d ever met. So, I will certainly use his services again and highly recommend that you do the same!