Review: Las Vegas Hood Cleaning

Sometimes writing can be a bitch.  I have a ton of things that I want to say, it’s just that when I sit down and start typing, I really feel like I am sending my efforts out into the ‘ether’ and they reach no one.  That makes it tough to continue to write.  And it gets worse when I am writing regarding business.

I would love to be such an inspiring wordsmith that when people see that I’m writing a review about a Las Vegas Hood Cleaning service, everyone that knows I penned it, jumps for joy.  Then, they invite ten of their friends over to do a group reading of my words.  Together, these great fans of mine mull over the use of the phrase, “just don’t think about a softball sized pile of grease with hair in it”.  Or the description of “the duct work over the exhaust hood in a restaurant being so laden with potato fryer oil that a blind man, several miles away, could find his way to the shop by the smell of stale oil in the air”.

But, poor me.  I don’t have a fan club of avid business review reader’s. So, once again, I can only tell my story, send it off to the universe, and then wait for my next request to review a business.


Las Vegas Hood Cleaning

These guys are the new comer on the restaurant cleaning scene in Las Vegas.  If you’re in the know, there are late night things going on in Las Vegas that do not pertain to vampires, werewolves, prostitution, or all night poker games.  There are several platoons of workers running all over the city, cleaning the places that serve food to the locals and tourists alike.

My story is about one such platoon.  These guys are from one of the restaurant hood cleaning teams at Las Vegas Hood Cleaning.  The team that I met with is run by the owner of the company – Ron Williams.  I met Ron a couple days before while grabbing a sandwich at the cafe in the Palazzo Hotel.

Ron mentioned his business of hood cleaning and I was amused.  He told me that he had broken the work up among two teams- Red & Blue teams.  And that he’d named the teams for the strike force at the end of the original Star Wars movie (I think that was known as Episode Nine).  He was known as Red Team Leader and on his other team was a senior employee that had just recently earned the role of Blue Team Leader.  All else aside, now I was hooked on the idea of checking out Las Vegas Hood Cleaning even more.

rooftop grease cleaning las vegas restaurant hood cleaning pictureRon explained that most restaurants can only sustain shutdowns for hood cleanings at night – so this is truly a great gig for vampires.  They run all over Las Vegas, both teams completing several hood cleanings before sunrise.  Then meeting back up at the shop for a cup of coffee and debrief.  By the time they get there, the office manager, Emily, arriving for the day, has a couple boxes of donuts ready and the coffee on.

The debrief is short and to the point: what went well? What went wrong?  Anything that ownership will need to handle?  Any good stories?

My time with Ron made me believe that he really cares about two things: his people and the quality of work they do for the clients.  He explained to me the fire danger of a dirty exhaust hood system.  And, can I dare say, this man is passionate about restaurant hood cleaning.

So, I wish Ron and his teams well.  The force is strong in this one.

Las Vegas Hood Cleaning can be reached through their website:

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